Last year was the first time I have ever ventured on a trip with a friend and not with my family. My travel has always been with my husband and daughter. Ever since my daughter went to the Philippines for her collegiate studies, her vacation schedule has become an issue when it comes to applying for vacation leaves in the office. Oftentimes, her off from school coincides with other colleagues vacation plans so I had to bargain and see if one will concede or not. Then, our plan just ends up getting cancelled.

My first time to travel to Amsterdam with a friend for our birthday (she is also a March celebrant) was really fun and exciting. I felt liberated in a way because I have always been bound to travel only with my husband and daughter. Since I managed to travel on my own, I am kind of yearning another birthday gift for myself. Will it be a possibility? I am not sure, depending on the budget of the “sponsor” (who happens to be my loving husband).

My husband was kind enough to know what really makes me happy, as in that ethereal feeling! Travel is the only activity in my list that really makes me giddy with excitement. I can’t keep from smiling from ear to ear. From the moment we decide where to go, to the planning stage, to the packing of bags, to the actual trip, to the sightseeing and food binging, to enjoying the local scene, and to the flight back, my feeling is just a cycle of being happy and grateful for the blessings and opportunity to travel.

I am glad that my husband wants to treat me somewhere this year for my birthday. Not in Dubai but outside of UAE. He is actually choosing between traveling to the US on a weekend quick-trip or to nearby Georgia (the country) where we haven’t been yet. I don’t mind, as long as it’s free and I’m taking a leave from work.

So, for my birthday this year, I would settle for a nice trip. I don’t want to spend because I really don’t have much money left to spare for any travel for the first quarter but if the “finance manager” says so, who am I to say no? 🙂