It is wise to travel light. That is my motto whenever I travel. I only bring the essentials. Essentials will be some clothing to mix and match and that will be okay until the end of my trip, a pair of sturdy walking shoes, toiletries, meds, and light outerwear for colder climates.

Part of my travel take-away are small accessories that are also necessary for my trip, note and picture-taking.

Here are small accessories to bring while on the go that I find very useful for my travels.

Portable handheld weighing scale

© – my portable luggage weighing scale

I do not like paying extra kilo for excess baggage as I prefer traveling light. However, there are times when I cannot help but carry heavy items back home after shopping for treats and gifts.

A portable handheld weighing scale is just a small gadget that you can tuck in your luggage after use. It has a metal hook that you use on the handle of the luggage. You pull it and see the reading for the weight. It is not a heavy accessory to carry around so I always have it in my bag.

Sewing kit

Some hotels or resorts do not provide sewing kit to guests. I always carry a small one that I can slip inside my toiletries so when I bust a seam or lose a button, I can always stitch the lose hem, torn seam or replace lost buttons.

Laundry bag

I don’t like doing laundry while on vacation. I only do it when my family and I are staying for more than a week. That’s the only time I go to the laundromat to wash some clothing. Otherwise, I carry our own laundry bag to fill with dirty clothes. It keeps the other clothes that are clean remain fresh.

Foldable umbrella

I carry umbrella depending on where we are going. If it’s a tropical country which has monsoon season then a foldable umbrella is always a must. Once, my family and I travelled to Bangkok and we were walking when it rained cats and dogs all of a sudden. We didn’t have any umbrella at all so we went back to the hotel all soaked.

Power bank

With the influx of portable gadgets comes power banks to charge batteries. I always have a small power bank with me while on the go to use when my phone is about to conk out. It is very important to have this because if you are on a tour and also use your smartphone as camera, you will need extra charge to be able to take snaps of the beautiful sceneries. And during winter, gadgets’ battery supply gets depleted fast because it use up much energy to warm up your gadgets. Carrying an extra power bank won’t hurt.

Travel journal

I am a travel blogger too so it is necessary for me to always carry a journal where I can jot down my thoughts, findings, experience, feelings, the name of the places I have visited, the restaurants I have frequented, the culture, food, and everything I think will be useful for my review and article.

These are just few that you can carry when you travel without feeling the weight. They are not cumbersome to have while you’re on the go. Are there other small accessories that you take with your on your travels that are necessary? Please share in the comments.