Some of us who love to travel will not let any season dampen our desires to venture out. So, planning for a winter trip can be both exciting and a challenge even to the most seasoned traveler. Why you might ask? Well, it is hard to predict Mother Nature. Even if you check the weather forecast a hundred times before your trip, the weather may or may not change once you’re already out and about.

If you are planning to go skiing or just plain traveling during winter time, here are safety tips you have to consider before you head out on the cold. It is wise to be prepared for anything.

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1. Check the local weather of the destination you are visiting

Weather is one force to reckon with. I remember our winter trip to New York 2 years ago. While my family and I have checked the weather forecast every single day before flying to NY, we didn’t read any news about a brewing nor’easter or snow storm. The snow storm developed when we were already in the US. So, there was really no way of getting any assurance that once you have checked the weather, it would stay that way, get better or even worse.

Good thing, we anticipated harsh weather conditions and packed our heavy winter clothing. And just to be on the safer side, we cut our vacation a day short before things went crazy in the airport. So, by the time the heavy snow came, we were already in warm and sunny Dubai.

If you happen to visit and have learned of the forecast, cancel the trip if it’s a leisure trip and if it can be helped. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Prepare for harsh winter conditions

Bring extra medications for fever, cough and colds, extra thermal clothing to keep you warm, heavy moisturizer or petroluem jelly to keep your skin nourished and won’t leave your lips cracked.

3. Heed road sign warnings and travel advisory

If you plan to drive to your destination, please ensure you follow road safety warnings. Take note of slippery roads. Equip your vehicle with accessories and tools needed to get yourself out of snowy and icy roads like chains for your wheels, extra petrol, LED lamps, extra clothing and blankets, food and water.

And if you are flying to your winter destination, make sure you pack the essentials and follow any travel advisory.

4. Pack for survival kit  

If you are driving, it is wise to also be familiar on the weather condition of the destination you are heading to. It also pays to have basic knowledge on safety and survival when the weather gets out of hand especially during winter time.

Pack things you need to survive the journey especially preparing for when your vehicle breaks down. You must be ready. Here is a site I stumbled upon to give you more tips on packing survival kit:

5. Inform other family members and friends of your plans

Letting your family and friends in on your plans, the travel arrangements you have made, and where you are heading to will be a good idea too. Make plans on how you and the other members of your family and friends who are also traveling with you will communicate. Also, keep those who are not joining in the loop should you require assistance later on.

These are just some helpful tips to consider before going on your winter trip. It is still best to analyse the situation and refrain from any travel, if it can be avoided. Otherwise, practice common sense and caution while on the road or on the go.

Enjoy, keep safe and stay warm!