Lebanon has picked up some bad rep over the years because of the security and instability of the political scene in the country. However, one must not forget that Lebanon is a beautiful country with long stretches of fine sandy beaches, lush valleys and mountains, delectable cuisine and best of all, lovely and nice ski resorts to visit during the winter time.

Not too far from Beirut are several skiing resorts to visit. They are usually frequented by Middle Eastern folks who don’t want to travel to Europe to enjoy a good ski activity, snow fun and the cold temperature up on the mountains.

There are 6 well-known ski resorts in Lebanon. They are:

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Faraya-Mzaar or Mzaar Kfardebian

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This resort is located 1 hour drive from Beirut on the Mount of Lebanon. It is surrounded by mountains and is the largest ski resort in Lebanon.

The Cedars

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The Cedars is located at very high altitude compared to the other ski resorts in the vicinity. Since it is in a high altitude, it has longer winter season than other areas in Lebanon.  It has several ski-lifts that can take you to the peak for a downhill skiing.


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The Laqlouq is both a ski and summer resort located on a plateau. It is surrounded by jagged edges and plenty trees which makes it a great cross country skiing resort.


Faqra Resort is also know as the Faqra Club which is an exclusive private resort. It has nice chalets and gardens which are perfect for both seasons.

Qanat Bakish

This resorts is less crowded and has very nice snow quality that is perfect for all ski levels.


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This resort is the closest to Beirut. Since it is north-facing, the Zaarour resort offers scenic vista of Mount Sannine and the valleys of Skull.