We are going back and forth with our plans to travel this December for winter escapade. The flights are not looking very good. Although my daughter will be here for more than 3 weeks, we want to take advantage of that long winter break so we can spend it somewhere. Initially, it’s Seattle but I’m not feeling the place. Next, New York but the hotel rates are going crazy. Next, Los Angeles. The flight is looking full because it’s the holiday season and we only have 1 flight in LAX.

So, it’s either we all have a staycation this winter or try Osaka for a change. All I want to do is to go tan amusement park with my family. Just to unwind and get away from all the hustle and bustle of stress. A good playtime is much appreciated.

Let’s see how the plan goes. For now, I’m open to any suggestion as long as we don’t have to wait long for the visa to be issued. Japan issues visa quite fast than Schengen. Although traveling to the US is the most practical one because we already have US visas, we don’t want to get stuck there because of our staff air tickets and no seat availability. Anyway, I am looking forward to any vacation I can have this holiday season, be it here in Dubai or outside. Any vacation or no vacation at all.