The Loire Valley is a beautiful area situated in Southern France. If you haven’t been here before you are in for a real treat. It’s renowned for it’s historical chateauxs and breathtaking countryside. It’s often referred to as the ‘garden of France’ and you don’t get a name like that unless you are astoundingly beautiful. It has something to offer all tastes, from outdoor sports to historical tours. It’s also a fabulous European location for families and couples to visit for long or short breaks. Read on to find out how you can make this a trip to remember for you and your family.

When visiting the beautiful Loire Valley, the best times to come during months where everything is open. Peak seasons can get very busy, so plan your trip for May, June or September. During their winter off-peak seasons many hotels and attractions will close. This usually starts in November and ends in February. You don’t want to make the mistake of visiting when everything is closed for the season so plan carefully.

To make the most of the area it’s best to travel by car. There are other options such as bus or train, but some of the local points of interest are located in remote places. A car makes it easier to travel directly to where you wish you go. Bicycle hire is a great family activity, that encourages you all to see more of the local culture and countryside. There are eight hundred kilometres of bicycle routes, alongside the River Loire. Along the route there are many bike-friendly establishments you can visit or stay in. Car and Bike hire can be found at majority of the areas stations and hotels.

Plan some time to shop for souvenirs and trinkets for your family back home. The Loire Valley has many wonderful shopping locations. Head to Angers for a great selections of local crafts and popular fashion chains. Many of the local towns will hold their own food markets. Taste the delicious home made chocolates and wines on offer, and give some of the local delicacies a try too.

If you like to get involved in the local culture, stay in some of the smaller historical villages. You will be made most welcome and there will be reduced traffic jams and noise pollution. It will give you a real taste of what life is like there and you can easily mingle with the locals. If you prefer a more luxurious touch to your vacation why not try a converted chateaux. There are over a thousand in the Loire Valley and many of them have been transformed into functioning hotels. These will provide you will French countryside living and have luxury room and grounds for you to explore. The history in these establishments are also never ending so you can really soak up the knowledge.

Visiting this vast area will be one of the best decisions you ever made. With so much on offer you won’t have trouble creating a very full itinerary for yourself and your family.