Well, my feet is itchy and I want to scratch it real bad. It’s not fungus. It’s just the travel bug, biting me real bad.

Traveling is my great way to de-stress myself. I have to travel somewhere every year, every quarter, and even every month, if only I can. I just feel happier when I am out and about, discovering new attractions, enjoying other country’s culture and having a good bite of their  local cuisine.

Next year, I have planned tentatively several places as a gift to my daughter’s 18th birthday in February. Unfortunately, we will be using staff travel tickets so getting seats are unlikely due to the high season. Anyway, just in case our Osaka doesn’t happen in February, there is always April! Either it’s back to Keukenhof Gardens or fly off to Orlando to enjoy Disneyland.

All these plans will depend if my daughter has enough vacation to spare and if my boss allows me to utilize my leave in advance.

Anyway, for now they are in the planning stages. I will be very upset if I don’t get to travel anywhere in 2016. I will have to squeeze in a travel anytime soon or I will go bonkers.