Ah, Venice! I thought I would never set my foot in that place. And I did! And I am happy!

This year is our summer Euro trip. I didn’t plan for any US trip because we haven’t visited Europe for sometime. Hubby allowed me and our daughter to go on our mother-daughter bonding trip to visit relatives in Milan and experience a road trip to see Venice. We were so excited to finally see the much talked about place in the planet. It didn’t disappoint!

Venice is located in the region of Veneto, Italy.  It is approximately 3 hours drive from Milan (with pit stops) and even the drive to Venice was full of rolling hills with vineyards, beautiful villas, vistas of green trees, and clear blue sky. It was like seeing all the beautiful pictures I have only seen in travel magazines come to life right before my eyes. Breath taking!

We spent 4 hours in Venice. We even got lost in the winding alleys that looked the same to the newbies. But we weren’t nervous. It was fun getting lost in a place filled with history, culture and romance!

I had wonderful time watching the gondolas pass underneath the bridge were we stood. We were even lucky to watch a singing gondolier! The place is simply captivating. I and my daughter were mesmerized.

Souvenir hunting was superb! There were plenty of shops to check out. They were pricey but we managed to buy a few.

A visit in Venice wouldn’t be complete without eating the famous tiramisu gelato which is a fave of my daughter.

It was a bit difficult to walk towards noon time. The scorching heat made it impossible to enjoy the view. So we rested for a while in Piazza San Marco and watched other people pass by and the pigeons. Yes, there were still plenty of pigeons.

Some of the architectural structures around Piazza San Marco was being refurbished so we weren’t able to get a decent shot of the famous buildings. It’s okay. We still had plenty of snaps taken around the place.

We wrapped the whole Venezia trip around past 4 as we need to head back to Milan before it got dark.

Will we visit the place again? Definitely but not during summer. Perhaps, when it’s a bit cold because I love the cold weather.

La Dolce Vita!

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