In the next few years, I have some incredible trips planned to places I’ve never seen before. Next year, I’ll be seeing a lot of Europe, and I’ve got a South American tour scheduled for 2018. But I also love to reflect back on the places I have been to and recommend them to anyone who has yet to experience them. San Diego was one of my favorite places to see in California, for a lot of reasons. One of them is that we have family in LA, but that’s probably not a great reason for anyone else to visit! If you think you would like to go, here are my top reasons to see San Diego.



I love exploring the history of the places we visit because it reveals so much about each location. San Diego is full of history, and has some great museums. When we visited a few years ago, we made sure to check out the Hotel Coronado, which is supposed to have a 19th century ghost! If you head to Balboa Park, you can find the Natural History Museum, Reuben H Fleet Science Center, and several more. You definitely won’t run out of places to go and new things to learn.

Stylish Places to Stay

One of my favorite things about traveling is staying in lots of different accommodation. It’s fun to get to stay in a hotel or a rented apartment, especially when you don’t have to clean up after yourself! I like staying somewhere that has some character, and not just a boring hotel with plain white sheets. There are lots of beautiful places to stay in San Diego that are stylish and fun. For example, there’s the Hotel Z, recently finished by hotel developer, Sajan Hansji, which is in the trendy Gaslamp Quarter. You can find great places to stay, whether you travel as a family like we do, on your own or with some friends.


The beach isn’t my favorite place, but I know that other people love them. And many beach-lovers say that San Diego has some of the best in California. There are lots of them, with miles of soft sand. And you can choose whether you want somewhere quiet or somewhere to party. Even if you’re not a fan of beaches, you can spend a lot of time looking out at the ocean. You’ll find some beautiful views across the city that everyone is sure to love.

Food and Drink

Trying new food is one of the best parts about traveling. I love going out to eat when we’re visiting somewhere or sitting down for a cold drink when it’s hot. San Diego has a huge range of different food, from Mexican to seafood, and cheap to expensive. There are plenty of food trucks too if street food is what you love. If you like beer, it’s also one of the best places to go for craft beers.

San Diego is a great place to visit, and I recommend it to anyone going to California. Don’t miss out because you’re more interested in LA or San Francisco.