Skiing is one of those things that many parents are wary about doing with kids in tow, but that shouldn’t be the case. During the winter months, skiing is the perfect vacation. You shouldn’t be stopped from going away just because you have children to think about.

I am a big believer in travelling with my kids to all sorts of destinations and do so on a regular basis. To help make the idea of skiing with children in tow a little less stressful, I thought I would share a few useful tips:

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Be choosy about when you go

Okay, so you want to travel this winter, but can’t decide when. Should you go during the Christmas period or at another time? While Christmas is a magical time to ski, during the festive period, you’ll find that most ski resorts will be packed.

When taking your little ones skiing for the first time, it’s best to go at a time when it won’t be busy. Learning to ski is hard enough without incredibly busy slopes. So if your kids have never skied before, it’s best not to go at Christmas. Choose a time that’s less likely to be busy, such as the start of December or end of January.

Pick a child-friendly resort

While most resorts are suitable for the whole family, some are more child-friendly than others. For example, while Vail is family-friendly, there are more steep slopes than child-friendly ones. Whereas, Breckenridge in Colorado has a good selection of slopes, all in relatively close distance to one another.   

As well as taking into account the slopes, it’s also a good idea to think about the services provided at the resort. For example, at Breckenridge, there are lots of family restaurants, child care, and ski instructors. Make sure that there are ski instructors who are native English speakers, to teach your kids. As otherwise, they’ll find learning too difficult.

Choose somewhere that will save you money

Family holidays can be expensive, so any resorts that offer you ways to save money are perfect. Look out for deals on lift passes – some resorts offer free passes for under 10s. Some ski restaurants do half price deals on kid’s meals, so make sure to keep an eye out for these.

Another way you can save money on your trip is by opting to take the shuttle from the airport, instead of a cab or hire car. For example, at Breckenridge, you can save a lot of money by opting to travel via shuttle instead of taxi. Obviously, if you do plan on travelling via bus, make sure to check the Breckenridge airport shuttle schedules.

Stay in a chalet

While you will find plenty of fantastic deals for hotels online, if you are travelling with kids, staying in a chalet is a better option. Not only will the kids have more room to run about, but you’ll also have access to a kitchen. So, should you have a fussy eater, you can cater to their needs. Instead of having to stress about eating out.
Skiing with kids might be a little more complicated than hitting the slopes child-free, but you can still have an amazing time.

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