Yeah, summer is over. The leaves are falling. The cold is setting in. No need to be sad though!

It’s a pretty exciting time of year if, like me, you’re into winter sports. I don’t even just mean the typical ones. People find the craziest things to do when it starts snowing. Here’s a few you have to try at some point!

Mass Snow Fights

Pic: Wiki

Facebook has made it easier than ever to organise mass snow battles. Especially prevalent in college towns and small cities, these have been taking off in a big way. You can kind of compare them to the buzz over mass pillow fights, but they are way simpler to organise. Not to mention far more brutal.

Hiking in the snow

This is one for adventurer/explorer fantasists. I’ve been snow trekking all over the place, but I always go with a friend who knows the area. Also, invest in the right gear. Get a decent jacket, and if you can, the best snowshoes for sale in the area. It really pays off.

Huskey Riding

I’ve always wanted to do this! Not only are huskies the cutest looking dogs in the world, they also strong, energetic and work together like a pack of wolves. That’s why in an arctic region they are the perfect mode of transport. It looks like a lot of fun.

Pic: Wiki

Ice Lake Fishing

Okay, fishing can seem like a lonely pursuit at the best of times. When it’s out in the middle of a frozen lake it looks even more lonely! Still, that can be cool. It’s supposed to be a relaxing, mind-clearing exercise. And if you can get a dinner out of it, that’s doubly good right?

Ice Diving

Pic: Pixabay

Usually when you think of scuba diving, you think of the world’s most exotic locations. The coral-rich Great Barrier Reef, The Caribbean, Sharm el Sheikh etc. But some of the most beautiful underwater scenery is only visible if you’re prepared to go down to the icy depths…


It’s a classic, but skiing is still one of the most adrenaline-pumping things you can do in the snow. The first time you go, you’ll definitely need someone to show you the ropes, so go with someone who’s been a couple of times. They’ll help you pick the right equipment and teach you how to get on your feet.

Ice water baths

All around the world, insane people are diving into rivers and lakes of ice. In California, it takes the form of a slide competition called the “Polar Bear Plunge”. Meanwhile, in Canada and the Far East, they are a fun way for village kids to show their manhood. As for residents of Northern Russia, it’s just an Easter tradition as banal as chocolate eggs!

There’s a serious amount of fun to be had in the snow. And it doesn’t stop there. So before you go somewhere for a winter holiday, check beyond the standard activities and experience something new!