Barcelona is a beautiful city in Spain. It is the first time I have visited this cosmopolitan city in Spain with my daughter. I am glad we took the short Euro summer trip this year.  A bit hot but fun!

I chose Barcelona over Madrid because I wanted to visit Montserrat since it is in Catalonia. So, while the intention was to visit the Monserrat Monastery, why not tour Barcelona as well so I would be hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Barcelona alone. Fortunately, I chose to stay near the Plaça Catalunya area where famous tourist spots are walking distance from our hotel. One of the nearby attractions is the La Rambla.

La Rambla is a long stretch of tree-lined pedestrian street with plenty of shops, hotels, kiosks, and establishments to see. It is around 1.2 kilometres long. It borders the Barri Gothic and the El Raval areas in Catalunya.

You can also find the famous La Boqueria here. It is their open market selling fresh fruits, candies, beverages like Spain’s famous Sangria, and of course, the very sumptuous chorizo in many shapes, sizes, and forms!

We’re lucky to have seen many things in this place. It is worth visiting when you are in Barcelona. Be mindful though of your belongings because there are plenty of pickpockets in the area due to the influx of tourists who easily fall prey to these petty crimes.

Here are some pictures I have taken in La Ramble. Do include it in your itinerary when visiting Barcelona.

Plenty of souvenir shops and food kiosks can be found in the whole stretch of La Rambla.

This is a church along La Rambla.

The many variety of merchandise found in La Boqueria. My daughter and I loved the fresh fruits!

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