There’s nothing better than packing up for a long trip around the world. Whether you’re planning the best vacation of your life, or a year-long mega trip, you always get butterflies in your stomach. You’re about to embark on a wonderful adventure that will take you to new cities and cultures. You’ll eat fantastic food, and meet new people along the way. The only thing that holds you back is the cost. Traveling isn’t cheap, but there are plenty of ways to bring the cost down.

Traveling is as expensive as you make it. If you stay in luxury hotels, and choose the expensive flights, you’re going to eat into your budget. But, if you’re willing to work a bit harder, you can shave costs off at every stage of the journey. We’ve been around the circumference of the world more than once, and we know how to travel cheap! Here is our best advice.

The clever use of air miles

Most travel bloggers and experts refer to this as ‘travel hacking’. It’s a way of maximising your loyalty points and air miles to secure free flights and cheap accommodation. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to travel a lot to build them up. Most of your points can be earned on the ground. Simply use credit cards that give you the most rewards. Then use them in the most cost-effective way. (Usually long-haul flights and hotel discounts).

Save on accommodation

Typically, your accommodation is the most expensive aspect of your trip. Finding a place to stay every night puts a big hole in your budget. But, don’t worry, there are lots of other options, if you’re willing to work for them! First of all, use AirBnb to rent apartments rather than pay for a hotel. If you’re really strapped for cash, use companies like CouchSurfing, to find a place to crash. If you’re doing a long tour of the USA or Europe, we also love the idea of driving an RV. You can take them anywhere, and sleep in comfort at the side of the road. Perfect for long road trips. Touring the US in a travel trailer will save you a fortune on hotel bills.

Save on flights

You don’t have to choose the first flight you come across. In fact, if you do, you’ll probably pay a fortune for it. There are hundreds of cheap options out there, you just need to know where to look! Use websites like SkyScanner to compare the cheapest options. You can even call up the airlines themselves, and negotiate the cheapest ticket.

Make money along the way

Last of all, you can make up some of your lost budget along the way. If you’re planning a long adventure, spend a few weeks working, and pocket some extra change. You can blog your way around the world, and monetize your site. Alternatively, you can pick up an easy job in a bar or restaurant for a short while.

It is possible to see the world on a budget. Don’t let money hold you back!