Few days from now will be Halloween. People who love the adrenalin-pumping activity of ghost-haunting will certainly enjoy the thrill of seeking new places to visit and check out for some ghouls-haunting.

Haunted houses are already a cliche! How about haunted or scary bridges in Illinois? Why Illinois? Well, Illinois is filled with plenty of weird and mysterious places dating as far back as early 1800s. Some stories have been circulating for a long time and others maybe new or just some rumours. Whatever it is, Illinois is packed with weird places to discover and if you love thrill – venture to the mysterious and haunted bridges of Illinois.

This list is just a few of the scary bridges found in Illinois and a brief description:

1. Crybaby Bridge, Monmouth

(Photo credit: mysteriousheartland.com)

Story circulating about this bridge is that a mother drowned her unwanted infant under the bridge. People say that they can hear a baby’s cry when passing the bridge.

2.  Witch Bridge, Clarksdale

There are rumours about a family’s fate who lived in a small cabin near the bridge. Story about the family is that the father killed his family and hung himself. There are also stories about a zombie dog guarding the cabin near Anderson Cemetery.

3.  Airtight Bridge, Coles County

The bridge got its name for the aura of “stillness” the bridge exudes especially when locals claim that vehicles will stall when approaching the steep hill leading to the bridge. It is as if there are more air than gas in their tank. Also, few decades ago, a decapitated body of a woman was found near the bridge.  The case was never solved and has remained a mystery over the years.

4. Bessie Little Bridge, Ridge Street

The ghost of a pregnant lady named Bessie Little frequents this haunted bridge as locals claim. She was murdered while she was pregnant here by her boyfriend who was also her killer.

5.  Tindle Bridge, Fremont

The ghost of a murdered lady roams this area and cries for help. Another victim was found across the field near the bridge.

There are plenty of other bridges in Illinois that will surely scare your socks off! Venture and beware!

(Reference: mysteriousheartland.com and forgottenoh.com)