I love to travel, and I have been to so many different places in my life. I’ve visited Barcelona, planned my dream ski holiday, and seen so much of the world. And one of the places I’ve developed a soft spot for over the years is London. I’ve visited a couple of times before, and I’d love to go back again.
The last time I was there I went on a tour of London that was organised for me. It was an excellent experience, and I had a great time. So, now I’m going share with you how you can have the same experience. This post is going to detail the things that I’d recommend you take with you in order to make your experience more enjoyable.

Plenty of Cash
This goes without saying as you’re on holiday, but make sure you remember. You’re going to need plenty of cash because London is not cheap. And in order to have the full experience you don’t want to be worrying and watching your pennies all the time. Save up before the trip to make sued you have plenty of cash with you.

Mobile Phone
I would advise taking your mobile or cell phone with you. Of course, you’ll need to talk to your provider if you’re traveling there from abroad so you don’t get hit with international charges. But, your phone can be a godsend in these sorts of situations. You can take photos, look up information and use apps. There are plenty of ways to utilise the phone during the tour that will help you to enjoy it much more.

Yes, you’re going to be on a guided tour, but I would always advise you to carry a map. This way, if you do get lost, you’re still going to be able to find where you’re going. Also, you might have earmarked something you’d like to see that isn’t on the tour. If the tour is going to pass by it, you might be able to arrange to go and see it then rejoin the tour group.

Warm Clothes
Enjoying your London tour is a lot to do with how well you prepare. Bear in mind you’re going to be out in the open for almost the entire time. As such, you need to figure out how to stay comfortable, and warmth is comfort. I made sure I packed a warm jumper, and a jacket to take with me. And I was thankful for it later because it became very cold, and there was no way to get warm otherwise.

Of course, what kind of tourist would you be if you didn’t take a camera with you?! You need to capture all the wonderful sights and sounds of London. There will be opportunities to get up close and personal with amazing attractions. And I feel it’s important to capture these moments on film. Take plenty of film with you, and make sure you charge the camera, and carry spare batteries.

I’m the sort of person who loves to multitask, so during the tour I pored over a guidebook. This helped me expand my knowledge of London, and I could earmark things to do for later. I would highly recommend you get yourself a guidebook, and use it as a reference point throughout the tour.

So, hopefully if you’ve read this far, you will have enough information to equip yourself. If you can take all of these on board, you’re going to find that you have a much more enjoyable tour experience.