The most wonderful thing about traveling is the destination. But the journeying between places is pretty awesome too. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to sample some of the weirdest and most wonderful modes of transport. Often, I’ll do anything to get me from A to B. Admittedly, some of it is boring, like waiting in a departure lounge for a delayed flight! There are many ways to get around so I thought I would put together my favorites for you to sample next time you travel:

For speed, you can’t beat a plane. It’s been more than 12 years since Concorde retired, but it has left a legacy. It’s the plane to beat when it comes to speed. For now, our journeys to the other side of the world will have to continue to take us twenty-four hours or more. But once you’re there, why not enjoy the speed of a jet ski across the Bay in the Cayman Islands? Beautiful hot weather and plenty of beachfront activities to enjoy here.

If you want to travel surrounded by some of the most incredible luxuries in the world, then you need to find a yacht for rent. Sail around the resorts in Dubai, or make a celebrity entrance on the French Riviera. With gorgeous beaches and marinas in some of the hottest destinations, a luxury yacht could be exactly what you’re looking for. Perfect for dropping in on the world’s rich and famous.

To arrive in style, you should travel in style. One of the most beautiful modes of transport is the train. And the classiest train in the world has to be the Orient Express. Overnight travel on this world class train is usually booked up well in advance. Sadly, it’s not something you can just hop on at a whim. But for the happy holidaymaker, this could be the trip of a lifetime. Gorgeous accommodation and first class dining make this a dream vacation.

Nothing compares to a good old fashioned hike for the economic traveler. Your own two legs can carry you twenty miles per day with the right footwear. This is ideal when you want to venture into the wilderness and be at one with nature. Take shortcuts across fields, clamber over rocks and mountains, or even wade through the river. Waterproofs, blister pads, and a large backpack may be all you need for an incredible travel adventure.

For the ultimate road trip with your pals, you have to hire a big old RV and head out to the great American Highways. There are thousands of miles of roads to choose from. With countless amazing destinations, the American road trip is the travel dream of millions. Always best with some company, and some idea of where you’re headed!

I love traveling, and I like to do something different every time I head out. Yes, I love traveling in style and luxury. But I also like to get the legs working, especially if I’ve had a long-haul flight to get there! Where will you travel next?