The travel bug has bitten once again and I have been very busy with work to finish so I can go on leave this coming Friday without any pending stuff to think of.

Yup, my daughter and I are off to Milan, Italy and Barcelona, Spain for a whole week. I have surprised my daughter about this trip because she thought we wouldn’t be going anymore since she exchanged the Euro trip of 2016 to an 18th birthday debutante ball instead. Well, I don’t think I can let this opportunity pass. I want to give this Euro trip to her, albeit, we are visiting only 2 countries this time due to my lack of leave credits. I would have loved to venture on other countries from East to West. Maybe next year.

We’re staying in Milan for 4 days and will fly to Barcelona on the 15th of June via EasyJet. I wanted to go by rail but there are plenty of stops, changes and we won’t be able to sleep within the 16 hours or so train ride.

I booked a not-so-fancy hotel near Plaรงa Catalunya. It’s the last stop if we will ride the Aerobus from El Prat Airport in Barcelona. It’s also walking distance to most notable tourist attractions in the area so it’s a good place to start.

We’ll be visiting Montserrat too and I’m mapping out our directions and budget as I plan to travel on our own so we can experience the train ride and the cable car ride towards the mountain top where the Monastery is and the Black Virgin of Montserrat’s figure can be seen.

The weather is not as inviting anymore because it’s hot. I don’t like summer weather but hey, I plan to lose weight so maybe a lot of sunshine, perspiration and walking can do the trick.

So, I won’t be blogging much again. I know I’ve been quiet lately. I haven’t even posted much of the tours I have taken in Amsterdam and here’s another one coming. Allow me to take it all in and will definitely share pics and posts about Barcelona. It’s the 2nd time we are visiting Milan and we will be staying in my hubby’s cousins’ place. Hope to see the Milan Expo 2015 and Venice this time around. ๐Ÿ™‚