Oh, hello Amsterdam! Yes! I have received my passport today and have been given 90-days validity in my Schengen Visa. Ok, it’s not what I have hoped for but hey, it’s my first time to apply as the principal applicant and I’m not complaining. I’m just used to being with my hubby when we apply for our Schengen Visa and here it is, my very own.

I’m so excited now! I just feel like waiting for 26 March and take off to Amsterdam with my close buddy. I am so eager to pack up and do our itinerary for real. I haven’t heard from my buddy yet if she received her passport already. I hope she got approved too as we applied together. I am sure she will as we travel as a party.

Well, we’ll be planning our tours now. Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to see other places near Netherlands. Most of them are just few hours of train ride and we’ll be back in a jiffy. Let’s see but for now, Keukenhof Gardens, here we come!