When my family and I go for trips abroad, we tend to skip booking for tours and discover the places of interest ourselves. It’s more fun that way and you’ll never know what other interesting finds you’ll have along the way.

This time, I am traveling with my buddy and since we are two ladies who are traveling to Amsterdam for the first time, it is a wise decision to use the services of a tour operator.

I booked our Amsterdam and Brussels tour in two tour operators that I trust: Viator and City Discovery.

I have done booking with Viator in the past for my mom’s airport shuttle service in Bangkok and I asked my mom about the service. Viator did not disappoint at all in terms of customer service and punctuality. So, I decided to try them again and this time, for our tours in Amsterdam. I used City Discovery for our Brussels tour because they have a very good programme for the full-day tour in Brussels with a side trip to Antwerp too. At least, the Antwerp trip was a very pleasant addition to our already packed itinerary.

I will post the reviews when we’re all done and will also tell you about the rates of each tours I have booked so the next time you visit Amsterdam, you know where to avail land arrangements in terms of tours, cruises, etc.

My buddy and I really saved hard for this trip to happen and we’re just few days away from actually setting our feet in Amsterdam. I have always dreamt of seeing those magnificent windmills, the dikes, the fields of beautiful tulips (which happens to be my favourite flower!), the lovely architecture around Netherlands and of course, those canals that also make Amsterdam very famous.

Well, I hope it’s already 26 March because that mean’s we’re off to Netherlands! It’s going to be one busy vacation in terms of touring the places of interest there. No shopping for me because Amsterdam is an expensive place to visit. I’d stick to buying few souvenirs and cheese. As long as we have tours, photo ops in famous places and a relaxing time in the hotel of our choice then I’m happy.