Winter can be a drag. Who likes grey skies with intermittent flurries if you’re lucky or blizzard if not. However, if you live in a country in the Northern Hemisphere or somewhere it really gets frigidly cold during winter time, does all the fun end? Certainly not!

Here are fun ways to enjoy even the most frigid of winter and try to bring up the cheery and sunny smiles around you and even to yourself. These are simple things to do that you don’t necessary have to break your piggy bank and fly off to a tropical country. Enjoy the simplicity of being in your place while having fun!

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Create Ice Sculpture or Figures

There’s so much snow around you and you got tired shovelling already, then learn to make ice sculpture or figures in your very own backyard. The winter is not yet leaving so why not make the best of it? Aside from exercising your arms and torso, you are also unleashing another side of you that you didn’t know was there – the artist in you! Your ice sculpture need not be ala-Micheal Angelo’s creations nor the ones you can see in Harbin, China but the point is, have fun, your resources are free! All you need is a trowel and a some pails and a whole lot of imagination.

Go Ice-Skating

I ice-skate on fake ice. That is, I go in an ice-skating rink inside a mall in the middle of a desert and you are really lucky to be able to enjoy nature’s beauty in all it’s natural glory. I have to make do o the fake ice here just to have a feel of how it’s like to ice-skate. So, if you know how to ice-skate, skate away! If there’s a nearby park with a pond and skating is safe and allowed, go ahead and enjoy. Make sure you’re reading signs for thin ice too. Tag your friends along. The more the merrier. But, never skate along. Always make sure there are lots of people around you.

Clean your house/room

So, you can actually write an entire blog post on your counter top because of all those dust. How about doing a winter cleaning? Not only will you exercise your whole body but you will also be able to throw away stuff you don’t need. Time to re-organize and de-clutter if you’re stuck at home and have nowhere to go. There’s so much to do and you have all the time to do it.

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Decorate your home

Put up some nice sunny photos or change your curtains and bed sheets with bright, happy colors. This will remind you of summer and will surely enhance your mood.

Read a good book

It’s nice to sit by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and reading your favourite book. We get caught up with our lives that we seldom step back and just enjoy the simple, quiet moments of being at home. Maybe you’ve been delaying to read that book, now’s the right time.

Teach your pet a new trick

Maybe your pet needs to learn a new trick too and while being stuck at home because of the harsh winter, your pet will love your company even more because that means, endless play time with him or her.

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Learn a new hobby

Try crafting, sewing, baking, cooking, learn a new language or anything that will occupy your time rather than get bored.

What ever it is that you have decided to do, just remember to enjoy and make the most of it. Winter will not last forever. In just few weeks, spring will be saying its Hello.

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