Well, this is an update on my post last August when I renewed my passport and guess what – I still don’t have it!

I am a very reasonable person but come on, next week will be the maximum 8 weeks indicated on my receipt to collect the renewed passport but how can I collect it when it’s not yet ready for release? I am not even sure where it is now but when you call the consulate here in Dubai, they don’t pick up the line. And when you send them email, they just reply with a one liner telling me to check the website which was down for several days. And when it was finally up, my name was still not in the list. OMG!

I am very upset with the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai. I don’t want to rant but I think it’s my right as an OFW who brings in money to the country to get a good service. It is my right as well to be informed about the status of my application and not just “please check the site for the list of release…blah, blah, blah.” Why does it take so long to process the passport? Why is it being sent to Manila? Is that for real or we’re just being mislead?

I am sick and tired of the inefficiency of the PCG here in Dubai. I feel sorry for those who have important travels to make but are now unable to take them because of the inadequacies of the people running the PCG. I’m sorry…oh, I’m not sorry! But I think waiting for my own travel document pushing for 8 weeks now is just too much! Ridiculous! Get your act together PCG people. And I thought “we are your boss” (that’s what Pnoy said in one of his SONA!) so how come we’re at your mercy? Release my passport already!!!