I’m cooking up a storm again with my travel plans this last quarter of the year as we plan to visit Japan once again and this time, with the 2 oldies (my mom and mom-in-law) in tow.

We are holding staff tickets so it will be a big challenge to get on board because of the high season and this is right after Christmas. Anyway, everything is still on the drawing board but we’ve already decided to go to Japan again this December instead of the Christmas Markets in Europe due to budget constraints. It’s much cheaper to visit Japan than Europe!

So, I hope we finalize this plan soon so we can all apply for the visa again. Logistics is quite challenging now since my daughter is in Manila and we, the parents, are here. A lot of paperwork has to be requested and given to my daughter so she can apply as a minor and guaranteed by her parents. Ahhhh…. I wish applying for visas for Filipino citizens isn’t this hard!

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