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Do you wistfully dream of blue skies and palm trees? Would you love to see the ancient pyramids if only airfare wasn’t so expensive? Your visions of a vacation might be more possible than you think. Here are just three ways to see the world without breaking the bank.

1. Book Travel Packages

You can save a bundle when you make travel bookings online. There are countless companies on the web that offer discounts for flights, hotels and rental cars if you book them in a package instead of charging them as individual expenses. You just have to find the deals and negotiate the details.

2. Pick the Right Day

Most people know not to travel during holidays and weekends, but were you aware that Wednesdays are cheaper than Thursdays? According to data collected by travel agencies, the middle of the week offers the lowest prices on average. No one is quite sure why, but it will save you money all the same.

3. Go During the Off-Season

If you don’t mind sightseeing in the winter, you can save hundreds on things like flights, travel fees and even admission costs to various tourist attractions. Companies will be so desperate for business that they’ll slash prices in ways they wouldn’t even dream of during the peak season.

If you’d love to travel but lack the funds, use these tips for reducing costs, eliminating fees and booking the vacation you’ve always wanted. The Bahamas are calling your name. Are you going to answer?