Buying The Right Luggage For Your Travels

Are you an avid traveler who almost leave in a suitcase? Well, you’re not alone so you probably have several types of luggages in your collection for the type of trip you are going to make. However, if you’re just embarking on your new “hobby” to see the world, aside from getting those required travel documents and deciding on where to go, you have to know which type of luggage you want to bring.
Here are some types of luggage to help you pick the right one for you.

Canvas Trolley Type

Canvas Trolley Type
This type of luggage is made of highly strong, durable woven fabric that is used for making tents, sails, backpacks, marquees and other signages.
You can get a 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler suitcase but I recommend the 4-wheeler for easy mobility.

Wenger – Swiss Gear 7208 Spinner Suitcase Color: Orange WLU1222_9793490 – $98.99, Free shipping – Available at

Samsonite – 2 Piece Luggage suitcase Set 27″check in and 21″carry-on Spinner 4 Wheel Light weight design – $197.70, Free shipping – Available at Marketplace

Nine West – Super Sign 20 inch Carry On Spinner Upright Suitcase (Plastic) – $69.99, Free shipping – Available at

Hard-Side Type

Hard-Side Type
This type of luggage is made of polycarbonate and has impact-resistant properties which is ideal for any luggages that has to be stored for a long time or when packing on delicate and fragile items.

Samsonite – Cruisair Bold Travel/Luggage Case Suitcase for Travel Essential – Silver (Impact Resistance – Polycarbonate) – $189.00, Free shipping – Available at

Some hard-side types can even be made of aluminum like this one.

Ostart – Golden Aluminum Mini Suitcase Briefcase Business ID Card Holder Wallet Coin Bag – $7.99, Free shipping – Available at Marketplace

Rossale International Inc. – Neocover Primary Color Block 24 inch Medium Hardside Spinner Upright Suitcase – $129.99, Free shipping – Available at

Even these lovely suitcases are great hard-side luggage. Some have pulleys and 2 wheels on the rear while others look like the classic suitcase – rectangular with a handle.

IMAX – Worldwide 6013-3 Set of 3 Antique Ivory Suitcases 6013-3 – $167.00 (22% off), Free shipping – Available at Wayfair

Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags
Using this type of bag is great for short trips that does not require too much of packing. This is very suitable for for over-nighters and short business or leisure trips.

Duluth Trading – Bag Overnight – AWOL Bag – $289.50, Free shipping – Available at Duluth Trading Company

Other duffle bags come with attached trolley for easy mobility.

GoodHopeBags – Preferred Nation 6728 Bellino 22″” 2-Wheeled The Pilot Travel Duffel GHB1436 – $147.48, Free shipping – Available at Wayfair


This type of luggage is great for long trips or when you’re relocating as it can fit plenty of stuff and even accommodate breakable items.

Mercury Luggage – Locking Stackable Trunk-Silver Grey – 4117-40 MER054 – $117.35, Free shipping – Available at

Other trunks also look like this trolley luggage.

American Procurement – Amerileather Vintage Violet 23 inch Trunk Spinner Upright – $199.99, Free shipping – Available at eBags

Stanley – Patriotic Steel Trunk Blue – SCPTBL2W, Medium-30L x 16W x 16H in. SCW024-12 – $195.59, Free shipping – Available at Wayfair

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    This is very important especially now that airlines are so strict with luggage requirements.

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