Are you the nature-tripping kind of person? Do you love exploring the deep jungle of the Amazon? Do you fancy an experience of a lifetime where you can spend few days in a jungle reserve in Peru and be with nature? If you all answered yes to the questions posted above then you’ll be surprised to know that there is an accommodation within the shady confines of the Tambopata National Reserve that can accommodate you and your group of like-minded adventurers.

G Lodge Amazon is an accommodation fit for nature lovers, trekkers, hikers and jungle lovers out there. It is established in 1991 along the shore of the Tambopata River in the Peruvian Amazon.

What’s in store for you in G Lodge Amazon? A whole lot!

  • The lodge is surrounded by lush greens and wildlife.
  • Typical suite is a bungalow, equipped with porch, bathroom, 24-hour hot water, buffet style meals and many more!
  • There is a solar heat and rechargeable flashlights so you will not feel guilty about harming the environment.
  • Tours are also arranged for you to maximize you stay in the accommodation.
  • They have a bar and spa too!
  • Here are some snaps from G Lodge Amazon to give you more idea on what’s in store for you there:

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    G Lodge Amazon is located along Tambopata River, Peru.