Harajuku and Omotesando are nice places to visit in Tokyo. They are both located in Shibuya Ward and are close to each other so if you visit one place, you cannot miss the other.

Harajuku was formerly referred to as Onden which is a low-lying area near the Meiji Street. Now, it is very famous for its quaint little shops in Takeshita Street and the young cosplayers walking around during weekends.

Nearby area is Omotesando. It stretches from the foot of Takeshita Street all the way down to Aoyama Dori where the Omotesando Station is located. It is known for as home to some of the well-known brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Herzog and many more, all close to each other. It is sometimes touted as the Champs Elysees of Tokyo.

If you find yourself wandering in Tokyo, make time to visit these 2 places for a nice walk along the famous streets and a look in some of the high-end brands in Tokyo. There are other things to do aside from window-shopping. Here are things you can do in Harajuku and Omotesando.


  • Visit Takeshita Dori
  • Shop at the quaint stores in Takeshita
  • Walk the stretch of Takeshita all the way to the other end leading to Omotesando
  • People watch, especially the young cosplayers during weekend
  • Try out their famous crepe in cone
  • Visit the Yoyogi Park
  • Visit the Meiji Jingu Shrine
  • Shop at the big Daiso Shop
  • Visit Yoyogi National Stadium


  • Shop along the “5th Avenue” of Tokyo
  • Visit Kiddyland if you’re the kid at heart. It has loads of toys and has several floors full of fun!
  • Visit the Oriental Bazaar which sells Japanese souvenirs
  • Visit Cat Street
  • Visit the nearby Shibuya Crossing