I love the cold season but not the freezing one where the temperature dips to negative. We were in New York from Feb. 7 to 10 for a short winter break. I checked the temperature and knew it was below 0 for all the days that we would be there. I didn’t know how cold a -4 to -8 Celsius is until we were there.

We’ve been to NYC countless of times already but mostly during spring and autumn. This winter was the first time we visited the freezing and cold NYC. I could feel the bitter cold piercing through my down jacket even with my thermal sweater as an additional layer of clothing. I wore my thermal leggings as well underneath my jeans and yet, I could have sworn, at one point, I couldn’t feel my buttom already.

One thing I liked though, my daughter and I enjoyed watching the falling snow. It was a first time for us because it wasn’t snowing when we visited Niagara. It was just flurries but this time, it was snow and I could touch it for a fleeting second. Too bad, we couldn’t make snow angels because it’s not possible. But, seeing all these wonders of nature is a dream come true.

Freezing New York is the least of my favorite time to visit it. I still prefer going around on low 5 – 10 Celsius because that kind of cold will be bearable for us. So, are we visiting NYC again during winter time? Maybe but I will bring thicker jacket next time!

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  1. Oh, I have seen my friend's NY photos and it was freezing indeed. The crazy thing is that the school and the city did not announce suspension of classes! She just put on her mom hat and decided to let her girls stay home.

  2. When you first told me that you are coming to NYC at this time of the year, I was like "What?????" Winter this year is truly brutal sis, the previous years were bearable but this one is very unforgiving.

  3. Snow is something that I would want to experience, for experience sake. But never in my life have I dreamt of living in a country that has winter season ^_^.

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