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The idea of being outside is becoming foreign to many people who work in office buildings for faceless soul-sucking corporations. In fact, Americans are working more now than they did in the 1970s, and that means that they have less time to play. While they are stuck in the office, their creativity is fading, and their humanity is slowly leaving them. Aside from human contact outside of work, people need to be connected with nature, and one of the best ways to do that is with white water rafting in Colorado’s Royal Gorge.

“Last Child in the Woods”

One author proposed that kids are losing something because adults are taking all of the edges away. While parents are signing kids up for sports and flattening forest to make playgrounds, they are taking the edge away from the parks and the places where children play. They are in essence making life and children dull with the automation of scheduled time.

Children need places that are wild where they can explore. Go to a playground and watch where the children are. Sure there are many of them on the equipment, but after a rain, there will be just as many in the puddles, and if there is an edge to explore, kids will congregate around that area. They move the grass at the edge and look to see what is underneath, and it is this exploration that helps them learn.

Nature’s Roller Coaster Ride

Lilo and Stitch claimed the waves to be the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, but for those who are landlocked, or aren’t interested in fighting with the ocean, white water rafting in Colorado’s Royal Gorge can provide the same kind of thrill that surfing does. You will have more safety equipment, but calling it a roller coaster is a misnomer. Roller coasters provide the same ride time after time. White water rafting provides a different experience each time that you are on the river. It depends on the rainfall recently received and what else is going on both in the area and in the region. That can make for a stunning ride.

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