What’s Included in an All-Inclusive Holiday?

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All-inclusive holidays have been around for many years, with most travel agents and travel operators offering this kind of deal on their trips. Many people however still chose to build their own holidays, perhaps having never taken the option to go all-inclusive. There are many great reasons to choose an all-inclusive holiday, as they can save on surprise costs, and reduce the stress of booking a holiday. But what exactly is included in this type of holiday? Here is a quick overview of what to expect before you book. Make sure to take a look at the cheap all inclusive holidays from Co-operative Travel for your next break.


Your flights and transfers will be included in your break, meaning no surprise airport taxes, taxi costs and plenty of information about baggage allowance too. You might even get inflight meals, depending on how far you are travelling, so check your individual booking for details of what exactly is included.


All-inclusive deals include hotel or serviced accommodation that will carry a star or other rating to let you know what to expect. You will also be able to view your accommodation online, so no surprises when you arrive.

Food and Drink

One of the biggest draws to all-inclusive is the fact that you don’t have to pay for any meals during your stay. Most packages will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks, so there will be nothing to pay on food. Drinks can add up quickly too, and your deal will include all soft drinks, including bottled water, and up to all of your alcoholic drinks too. Check your deal to make sure everything you’d like is covered.


If your hotel or resort has activities on site such as sports or kids clubs, then these too may be included in your package. Check what is on offer and read through your terms to see if these are part of the deal. This can vary so check when booking to get the most of your holiday.

All-inclusive holidays can save you time, money, and certainly stress. All-inclusive doesn’t mean hidden costs, and it really does mean that everything is included for a brilliant break!

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    Different travel agencies offers the most comfortable way to travelers. Your piece's the common that they're offering.

  • Marie February 2, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    All-inclusive holidays are God-sent, especially if they do really take care of even the tiniest detail. I freak out (like any typical mom) when I encounter glitches!

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    We used all-inclusive deals several times and it does saves a lot of moolah.

    Sis drop by ka ditto samin when you're in NYC hehehe,

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    All-inclusive holidays really saves time, money, and less stressful for those who loves travelling.

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    All inclusive packages is always my thing. They are so handy and very much easier to deal with.