I posted my travel goals for 2014 and I mean all that. I know, serious money issues will be taken into consideration. So, all the more I have to work hard in blogging. LOL!

Well, the first trip this year is in one of my favorite cities in the world – New York City! We never get tired going there. Everything is  convenient. You can walk around the block, ride the subway, take a cab or even use a bike. It doesn’t matter how you go around the NYC but it’s easy.

I have already booked our hotel in 42nd St. in Manhattan near the Port Authority bus area since we will be heading to New Jersey as well on Feb. 7.

My daughter is praying for a nice snowfall (not the blizzard one please!) so she can enjoy the last hoorah of winter. I don’t mind. My boots will come in handy!

So, NYC again this time and hopefully, the next trip will be either in Florida or San Francisco by spring. If not, Tokyo, here we come again; just in time for the Sakura festival.