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Disneyland Village Paris is a cool place to visit before you embark your day-long journey in any of the Disneyland Resorts in Paris.

The Disney Village is teeming with dining options so if you are booked any of the Disney Report Hotels, you can always come here and dine.

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There is a huge Disney souvenir shop here as well for your last minute shopping before you head out to Paris. Aside from the souvenir shop, there is a big cinema and arcade for kids to enjoy and have a great time.

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 Going here is not very difficult as there are free Disney shuttle buses that ply the whole of the Disney Paris Resort hotels chain and affiliated properties every 12 minutes.

We went here last August of 2006. It has been several years since we visited and we can’t wait to see the place again.

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  1. Hahaha, oo nga eh. Ang cute pa ng anak ko. Di pa naughty girl nyan! hahaha. Look naman how slim I was din? Kay Arice na napunta yng mga suot ko na yan dyan. She's wearing them na. hahaha

  2. Wow so nice, I have never been to any Disney places. It is one of my goals, I would love to take my whole family with me. I am sure my kids will have a great time

  3. I bet your daughter (and of course you and your hubby) would love to go back there! (recreate na rin the poses you made 🙂 ) Hayy, Disney. It brings out the child in everyone

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