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The onset of winter is one of my favorite time to travel. The weather is not yet unforgiving and there is still a remnant of the last season’s foliage that can be viewed and enjoyed. However, not all places have the same kind of pre-winter. And if you are considering a winter getaway, you have to make sure that you’ve done your research, you’ve checked the local weather in that place and other weather forecast to ensure you pack the right stuff.

Important things to pack for your winter getaway are listed below to help you bring the essential ones and not leave you bitter and cold.

Boots with warm lining
This can be a snow boots or an all terrain boots with rubber sole for anti-slip and warm lining to prevent cool draft biting your skin.

Thermal shirts and sweaters
Some places may be ultra cold so be prepared to wear thermal clothing that you can layer because most establishments and public places will have the heater on and you may need to shed of some layers of clothing for that.

A long scarf or shawl
These are good bet for warming your neck and face area. It’s a nice addition to insulate you from the cold.

Ear muffs
This can be optional in some places because it may not be as cold as what you imagine. However, there is no harm in packing your ear muffs just in case it gets too cold.

Hat, beanie, umbrella
Yes, anything to cover you head and protect it from the cold. The umbrella will be very useful for some days with rain.

Parka/wind-breaker/Insulated jacket
You can bring any of the above winter garment as long as it will keep you warm and dry.

Medications for cough and cold
Winter is the season of coughs and colds and just be prepared and pack your meds if in case you acquire the sniffles.

Thermal leggings
Carry some lightweight thermal leggings you can wear underneath your jeans or pants for extra warmth and protection from the cold weather.

So, don’t be caught unaware. Keep your winter essentials ready for your getaway!

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