2 more days and Konichi wa Nihon Desu! I have been planning this for so long, scrapping it and replanning again only to go somewhere else in the end.  This time, we are heading to Tokyo!

This trip is actually our Christmas gift to our daughter who loves anything Japanese. She’s into the manga culture and anime freakdom of the Japanese. She loves drawing anime too so we decided to just take her to the Land of the Rising Sun, sushi, cosplay and tech.

I hope the weather is not rainy as some days will have few showers. I would like to be able to visit Mt. Fuji if the weather permits and also go around the gardens and parks around Tokyo.

So, I will be loading my good camera, charge my batteries and bring extra SD to save all those pictures because I am sure, I’ll be clicking constantly.  And I’ll post them as soon as I can.