Studio Ghibli Tickets Are On Their Way

Well, this is an update on my recent post about our Studio Ghibli Museum tickets going MIA. After I called the office in UK, I also sent another email reminder to their other office handling the Japanese tours and packages section.

I am quite relieved and surprised to know about the status of our tickets. I am relieved that the tickets was sent last week. And I am surprised to know that they only got my payment details and not the shipping details. I could have sworn that I entered all the required details as the electronic form would now save unless shipping details were provided. No wonder there were no pending tickets in their office because no one had processed my orders!

I am happy that the JTB UK is professional enough to handle my request for immediate dispatch of the tickets. I do hope I receive them on time. I could have asked them to levy my shipping charges for the hassle I have been through but I didn’t. I am not that kind of person. However, the tickets better reach Dubai in time for our trip or else…