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Everyone dreams of throwing away their troubles and taking a long, sunny beach vacation, but what if you’re ready to take the plunge and make that fantasy a reality? Here are five of the best beaches around the world.

5: El Saler (Spain)

The beach of El Saler stretches for almost two miles around the glory of Valencia, one of Spain’s oldest and bustiest cities. It makes for a beautiful getaway and even better memories.

4: Priaia del Fuoco (Italy)

Accessible only by boat, the Priaia del Fuoco is a quiet and private cove where the sands are soft and the surfs break gently on the rocks. If you’re looking for a restful trip, or if you’re a young honeymooner in search of a romantic beach for two, this is it!

3: Es Trenc (Majorca)

Is there anything more picturesque than green trees and white sand? If you’re going to splurge on a tropical vacation, go to Majorca and do it right.

2: Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

With sun, surf and avid whale watching, Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s hottest destinations in both a figurative and literal sense. The good news is that its blazing temperatures are easily offset by its cool, clear waters.

1: Elia Beach (Greece)

A popular, festive coast, Elia Beach is where you’ll always find a party. Kick off your shoes and get ready for everything from sand volleyball to drinks around the bonfire!

These are just a few of the best beaches you’ll find abroad. If you’re interested in planning the tropical vacation of your dreams, click here to learn more.