Tokyo, Japan is not one of those places you can bunk easily with comfort for budget travelers unless you don’t mind sleeping in a pod or capsule. I tried convincing myself that I could do it but honestly, much as I want to save money on accommodations in Tokyo, I cannot bear myself to sleep in tiny cubes. I will feel claustrophobic.

I have finalized the accommodations in our Tokyo trip. We’re staying in 3 hotels in a span of 7 days. The first hotel (Dec. 2-3) is a stones throw away from Tokyo Disneyland. I booked overnight there so we don’t have to hassle ourselves catching the subway or metro late at night after our Disney adventure. This hotel is walking distance only and if we need to freshen up, we can always come back later.

The second hotel (Dec. 3-6) is in the heart of Shinjuku. The hotel is attached to the famous Shinjuku station so we won’t have any trouble going around Tokyo using the metro. I got a good deal from for this particular hotel and the review from Tripadvisor is also good. So, we’ll see about that.

Lastly, from Dec. 6-7, we will move to a fine hotel, 5.5 kilometres from Haneda Airport. It is a beautiful hotel with a good view of the Tokyo Bay and the surrounding areas. It is also accessible to a train station which will easily connect us to the central part of Tokyo for last minute shopping and sightseeing. From this hotel, we will take the metro to Haneda Airport.

I will post reviews and photos of the hotels after the trip.