My family and I have zeroed in on our family trip destination this December – Tokyo, Japan! Finally, after countless times of revising the budget and all. The Europe tour will be too costly and if we go to Japan, we will spend only a small fraction of the amount the whole Europe tour will cost. So, it was a fair and wise decision made.

I have practically skipped major trips this year except for the Niagara vacation last March/April to ensure that we will have enough budget to go around for the December family vacation. It is my daughter’s wish to travel to Europe before she goes back home for her college schooling but the whole thing is just too expensive. I’m glad that even if we won’t see the Christmas Markets in Europe this year, she will be able to visit her dream studio of anime films – Studio Ghibli! I am excited too as I watch most of their film works and they are all great.

So there, it will Japan this time. Perhaps we can save more next time for a European tour. It’s been a long time since we set foot in Europe but I guess, being pragmatic is more important to us. Anyway, I’ll be checking some items in my bucket list even if we go to Japan this year.

Here we come, Japan!