You are a renowned traveler and have circled the world countless times but will that make you a good candidate as a timeshare owner? Let’s face it, not all travelers can be timeshare owners and vice versa.

A person can be considered or be a good candidate as a timeshare owner when he or she fits into any of these criteria:

  • Income bracket falls under the middle to upper class
  • Have enough money to go around because owning a timeshare means it is okay for you to invest your money in a timeshare property whether you are using it or not
  • Have the time to be able to use the timeshare in a defined week or weeks in a given period

If you think you have it in you to purchase a timeshare then go for it. Timeshares have picked up through the years and more and more properties are being offered in a much affordable rates so others can join the timeshare ownership bandwagon.

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