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If your idea of nirvana is an exotic fishing trip and the chance to take on an exciting challenge by trying to land iconic fish like the marlin, tuna or wahoo, then Costa Rica is where you should be heading.
Here is a look out how you find a fishing charter and begin your adventure.
Do your research
The first thing that you want to do is get some local information about what you are likely to catch and where the best places to fish in Costa Rica are. Costa Rica Fishing Report is an excellent guide to how you can get involved in what is considered by some, to be the venue for the best sport fishing in the world.
Not only will you get a feel for the amazing place on our planet that is Costa Rica, but you will also get a flavor for the adventure and culture that awaits you in this truly spectacular South American country.
Visit some harbors and towns
Reading a travel guide and getting some information is a great idea, but there is no substitute for actually visiting some of your chosen harbors and towns so that you can find out what is available.
There are many Costa Rica sportfishing charters to choose from and you are spoilt for choice with venues such as Tamarindo, Jaco, Quepos and Los Suenos often being able to provide local charters with English speaking captains.
Use local recommendations
Check with local tourist offices, or with the local people connected with where you are staying to see if they have any particular charter boat companies or trips that they particularly recommend.
They may be able to negotiate a discount on your behalf or if you are not able to find anyone initially, you could do a local directory search using the keyword barcos, which should bring up a local list of local sport fishing charter companies.
Use the web
If you would prefer to be organized and have your trips booked in advance of your arrival then pay a visit to popular sites such as the aforementioned Costa Rica Fishing Report or Tico Travel, who have links to a good number of charter companies in Costa Rica.
Make a reservation
You should be able to reserve your space on the trip or charter a boat for yourself if there is a group of you, by either calling or emailing the captain, once you have chosen the boat that you would like to hire.
Most of the charter companies will expect you to pay a reservation deposit to hold the slot and also make sure that you check with the charter company what is included in the price and what you need to bring along yourself, such as bait and any tackle that may be needed.
Pack what you need
Having gone through the process of finding the right charter, organising your accommodation and arranging travel to Costa Rica, you want to make the most of your trip so make sure that you pack everything that you need.
Irrespective of the time of the year when you go, you will probably need to pack a raincoat, plenty of sunscreen and some protection like a hat and sunglasses as well. You will often find that many Costa Rican charter companies provide a lunch and maybe even alcoholic beverages within the agreed price, so check with them so that you don’t take your own supplies when they are not required.
Fishing in the waters of Costa Rica is a real adventure and with a bit of good fortune and some expert local guidance, you should be able to bag a prize fish, which would be a real bonus in addition to having a great vacation in this truly beautiful country.

Marcus Anderson is a deep sea fishing addict of many years. He likes to find new places to fish, and then he shares what he has found on the Web. 

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  1. I would love to go on an exotic fishing trip! I love to fish, however I could only dream of going to costa rica, but I'll fish anywhere I can here πŸ™‚

  2. Going on a fishing trip looks like fun! Must be an awesome feeling to be in the middle of the ocean with the breeze and the sun.

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