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Whether you live in Cebu or are visiting as a tourist, you may at some point want to use a Cebu car rental company. Having your own vehicle is the only way to visit the many tourist attractions scattered around the island, and to take in the full beauty of the area. A lot of visitors may be wary about driving after reading about the traffic problems in the Philippines, but Cebu is relatively fine, it is only in Manila where things can become very confusing. So if you are travelling to Cebu, then use Cebu car rental and get to see places that many other people never get to see, and that includes those who live on the island.

I can share with everyone a couple of reasons why you should have a car hire in Cebu but first, let me tell you that hiring a car rental in the Philippines can be different than that of hiring one in the UK or USA, especially if you are using a local Cebu company. Most will want proof of who you are, if you are a non-resident such as passport, driving license, international driving license, and proof of address. It is usually normal for a deposit to be paid when you book. Most Cebu car rental companies will want copies of all of these documents emailed before you arrive, but you will still need to visit the office on arrival to pay the rental charge in full, and to leave some kind of photo ID with them. Car rental Cebu includes all the relevant insurance cover for the Philippines, so you do not have to worry about that. 

Once all the paperwork has been completed you will then be given the car you have hired. As with any car rental company anywhere in the world, it is advisable to go over the car looking for previous damage and noting it with the car rental Cebu company and this saves on possible disputes later on. You can use technology for this; take some pictures or videos, and immediately upload them to somewhere like Facebook. Doing these time stamps will help you to have proof of the vehicle condition when you collected it.

Driving around Cebu is easy, and these days there is GPS available to help you out, and it is recommended that you take advantage of this. Using car rental in Cebu can really enhance your experience of the area, and you can leave the island to fly home knowing that you have seen more of the local culture and landmarks than those who do not hire a car.

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  1. We're planning on visiting Bacolod this December. We're thinking of hiring a car to move around during our stay. By the way, the Cebu churches in your pic? Where they affected by the recent earthquake?

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