Planning a trip with your family is never without any hassle and compromising especially if one of the party is resisting or have other plans instead. I have been raring to go back to Europe before my daughter goes to college next year but dear hubby was adamant. He sees Europe as a very expensive place to go to (and I agree with him) and fee for a Schengen Visa is not worth the price considering the most they can give (and that is if you are lucky) is just 2 months which was always the case for us. For  Euro 60 and a 2 months validity, I don’t think it’s sufficient. Unlike the US visa, we always get longer period and multiple entry. So, now I am torn whether to push through the with Europe tour or change the whole trip and go back to Japan as initially planned months ago.

I have made the cost analysis for the whole Europe trip and I will be spending more than I would if we will consider Tokyo, Japan. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I am leaning to Tokyo this time only for the reason of my strict budget. Let’s see how the planning unfolds. As of now, it is 50-50 but seeing the cost of the hotels near Tokyo Disneyland as compared to the hotels in Europe, I think I know where to go this December!

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