We are a bunch of travel bugs. My family loves to hop on a flight, see different countries, enjoy the various cuisine, explore on famous places and immerse in rich art, history and culture of the places we visit.

We were once offered a timeshare during our visit in Las Vegas by one of the hotel chains we have stayed on. At that time, we didn’t know much about timeshares or what it did and what benefits we could get out of it.

What I remember though, my husband did take 1 share but it was not for any fancy luxury resorts around Nevada. It was from the same hotel we stayed at but valid for a year. We did not get to use the share but we were able to transfer it to our friend and his fiancee when they visited Las Vegas.

Below is a sample infographic on time share which shows Mexico as a leading holder of timeshare resorts world-wide. I will not be surprised as Mexico is home to numerous beautiful, exotic, luxury and private resorts in the world.


What is a timeshare, you might ask? Timeshare is a term coined in Great Britain during the 1960s era. It is a term for a property with a certain form of ownership or usage rights and is normally used by condominium-like properties where multiple number of people owns a timeshare. The timeshare owners are allocated a certain period of time to allow other owners to use the property as well.

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