Seoul, South Korea is a beautiful place to go to. We had the chance to visit the place 3 years ago when we met up with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law’s family. It was a hush-hush trip since my mom-in-law didn’t know we would be in Seoul too. She thought, it was her birthday gift trip from her children but little did she know, we had everything planned out.

I really enjoyed the 4 days we had spent in Seoul. We were there last October 29 to November 1, 2010. It was our first trip and hopefully, not the last. A week after that Asian trip, we headed to NYC and boy! That must be the most terrible jet-lag we have had experienced in all our travels.

We all enjoyed the short vacation. The weather was lovely as it was autumn. The autumn foliage was a sight to behold when we saw plenty of trees in dark shades of orange to red. It was not that freezing yet but it was cold enough to warrant heavy warm clothing.

Our accommodation was a very cheap hostel in Jung-gu but in the main area near the Gwanghwamun Gate and other tourists attractions. It was very small so we booked another room for our daughter and my mom-in-law while my sis-in-law’s family stay in another area near the Myeong-dong Street, also known as the Fashion Mecca in Seoul.

Going around Seoul is quite easy. I find the subways in NYC more complex. You just have to note which line you have to take so you wouldn’t get lost. I am glad my hubby took the rein in leading all of us in exploring Seoul using the subway and bus systems. We just asked the locals (who are all getting very good with the English language) for directions if we were a bit confused. We managed to see some of the tourists attractions of Seoul and even had the time to spend the whole afternoon in Everland, Seoul’s Disney-like theme park.

Eating is not a problem. If you want the real feel of your South Korean visit then you should try their Korean dishes like the famous kimchi, bibimbap and bulgogi, amongst others. There are plenty of western fast food joints and restaurants too.

Here are some of the pictures of our wonderful vacation in Seoul. I don’t mind going back.

Below pictures were taken in the Gwanghwamun square near Admiral Yi Sunshin Shrine and framed by the 12:23 Fountain.  The other picture is the Statue of King Sejong the Great. Below that  imposing structure is an exhibit “The Story of King Sejong.” 
 photo seoul1.jpg
Below pictures were also taken in the Gwanghwamun square leading to the Gwanghwamun Gate. Inside is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. 
 photo seoul2.jpg
In the Gyeongbokgung Palace grounds
 photo seoul3.jpg
Inside the King Sejong exhibit and some fancy stairs near the square.
 photo seoul4.jpg
Below are snaps taken near the Lotte Department store. This is where we took the bus going to Everland Resort.
 photo seoul6.jpg
Below are snaps taken near Myeongdong and the motorized diagonal lift leading to N Seoul Tower.
 photo seoul5.jpg
More pictures of our adventure in Everland Resort in my next post…

16 Replies to “Our Vacation in Seoul, South Korea Part 1”

  1. I love Korean foods, I have never been to Korea, but saw Everland Resort and other beautiful places in there from friends who live in Korea.

  2. Thanks Sis for taking us to the beautiful places in Seoul, Korea! So they also have winter? It's very obvious in the captures that you all had a blast.

    Looking forward for more pics in your upcoming posts 🙂

    Ciao for now!

  3. i have a couple of friends who's in Korea now and married hopefully i can visit and see those things that you capture and posted here in your blog!! thanks for a quick tour!

  4. i've been to Korea in 2001, boy that was 12 yrs ago! and it was only for 4 days too, i was confined in the conference room with people who are so much older than i am. i only had the chance to see a Korean village and had some Korean shopping and went for a tour in Samsung. i stayed at the Olympia Hotel (i don't think that's the right name) and ate fried chicken and rice from the hotel! hahaha! that was fun and adventure for me! good for you sis, you had your family, and Koreans now speak more English than 12 yrs ago!

  5. Those are beautiful snaps, sis! I love Seoul, too, eventhough I haven't really stepped foot in the place for a tour. I have only been at the Airport, on my very first flight coming to the US. I have friends though who are based there and they always share great stuff about South Korea. I wish to be able to go on holiday in that country. I can imagine the jet lag you have had from Korea to NYC! 😀

    Visiting here on behalf of my daughter Triz! 🙂

  6. Oh, what a wonderful travel adventure with the ones you love…I enjoyed looking at your creative happy shots!! I wish I could have the time and resources to travel with my family someday…thank you for the virtual tour for now…your poses make me smile hugely here sis…

  7. Waaaa! South Korea is one of the places I want to settle down in the future. I'm so inggit! 🙂

    You areso lucky ate. But, I can see you guys are enjoying the short vacation 🙂

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