I have mentioned here few weeks ago about my plan to go for a winter holiday in Europe this end of November until first week of December. It seems like there is a high possibility that hubby will say “yes” as he was already suggesting for the 2 countries we could visit – Stockholm and Amsterdam. Hmmmm, that’s a good sign! He normally does not comment nor react whenever I open up travels to Europe because he finds it very expensive and getting Schengen Visas are not worth the money. The longest Schengen visa validity issued to us before was 3 months when we applied in the German Consulate. 2 months was given to us when we applied in the French consulate so I am not sure about Sweden. I hope the Swedish Consulate or the Netherland’s here in Dubai will issue longer validity so we can come back before our daughter goes home in the Philippines for her college level.

I am still in the process of working out the costs and get our leave dates sorted. If all else run smoothly then Stockholm and Amsterdam it is. I was kind of hoping Warsaw and Prague because I haven’t been in those places yet (neither Stockholm and Amsterdam) but I am keen to visit the Christmas markets in those places as they may be cheaper than the northern European countries.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter where as long as we push through with this trip. Crossing fingers!