I have not seen any of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jet series in person yet. I have only seen them in pictures and so mesmerized that I have included it in my bucket list – to board one.

EVA Air is the second largest carrier of Taiwan and has collaborated with Japan’s very famous Sanrio group to feature Hello Kitty theme in few of their jets. This started in 2005 and now has 5 fleets to carry the “purrfectly” cute Hello Kitty character. You can read more information of the initial flights of the Hello Kitty themed fleet in Travel CNN.

Last 18 September 2013, EVA Air’s B777-ER Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet touched down at Los Angeles International Airport, much to the delight of the travelers who are eager to fly this very cute aircraft and the throngs of super Sanrio fans.

Here are some pictures from yahoo travel and Travel CNN showcasing the cutest jetliner to ever graced the skies. And if you’re flying in any of the Hello Kitty themed jets of EVA Air, you will be filled with so much cuteness from boarding tickets to the barf bags as they are all printed with Hello Kitty face.

Eva Hello Kitty 1 photo EVAHK1.jpg

Eva Hello Kitty 2 photo EVAHK2.jpg

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