While big cities are exciting, they are also very expensive. Since there is usually high demand for their attractions, you will be assaulted by long lines, expensive taxi services, and expensive hotel rates if you stay close to the city. If you’re not takinga guided tour, a city pass offers you a way to cut down on your spending, allowing you to enjoy more for much less. Here are some cities that have great offers.

Barcelona’s charm is only rivaled by the culture of the city. A beauty to behold, a trip to this romantic Spanish city will leave you in awe. To properly explore the city, you have the option of three different city passes: the Barcelona Museum Pass, Barcelona ARQUEO ticket, and the Barcelona Card.
The Barcelona Museum Pass and the ARQUEOticket offer access to different types of museums. The Museum pass allows you to visit 7 art museums, while the ARQUEOticket caters for 5 history museums. As such, your choice of purchase depends on whether you prefer art or history.
The Barcelona Card is more encompassing, giving you access to 18 museums, as well as other entertaining activities and unlimited transport on public means. In order to get the best value for your money, buy the five day card and indulge yourself in culture, history, and entertainment as you take advantage of your card.


Eiffel6 - 2 Sept 2006 photo 145escd.jpg

There is little wonder why Paris is the world’s most visited city. From its beautiful museums, lavish hospitality industry, and romantic connotations, the appeal of this city is universal.

There are three major city pass types available for this charming city: Paris Museum Pass, Paris Visite Pass, and the Paris Pass. As the name suggests, the Paris Museum Pass gives access to museums, 60 of them in total! With the six day pass, unless you visit 10 per day, you will not be able to cover the whole array available.
Arc de Triomphe photo 494bscd.jpg
The Paris Visite Pass gives you access to unlimited public transport. If you are going to be in the city for most of your time, then you should consider it.

Louvre Museum photo decascd.jpg

The Paris Pass seems to combine the benefits of both the Paris Museum Pass and the Paris Visite Pass, with a bit more to add. Not only do you get access to 60 museums and unlimited public transport, you also get shopping discounts at Galeries Lafayette, a river cruise, a two-hour bus tour, as well as a one hour wine tasting experience. If you want to see if it’s worth it, checkout this review of the Paris Pass.

Home to some of civilization’s greatest achievements, Rome is one of mankind’s most important cultural cities. What makes it even more significant is its access to the Vatican, the world’s smallest country, and home to the Roman Catholic Church.
To enjoy Rome properly, you can choose the Roma Pass. This will give you concessions on museums and museum exhibitions, discounts on collaborating events, and free public transport use. You will also be able to access the Medical Service for Tourists (MET Travel Health) at a discount.
 photo 66Vaticanground2.jpg
The Vatican grounds
 photo 96fontanadiTrevi-1.jpg
Trevi Fountain
 photo 338_33559533454_9537_n.jpg
The famous Coliseum 
Alternatively, you can opt for the OMNIA Vatican & Rome pass. It will allow you to jump queues at museums, enjoy unlimited transport in Rome, as well as free entry to Vatican City museums and historic sights. You also get concessions for museums in Rome. If you are planning to visit both the Vatican and Rome, then this will work for you.

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  1. city passes will indeed make you save a lot if you plan to see not only a few of the attractions in the city. love those joyful photos of you and your family Ria.

  2. this is the places I wanted to visit and in my lists of places in other country to go to and enjoy at least once in my life and my family too! love everything!

  3. Thank you Sis Ria for sharing your family pictures to us and for this wonderful tip. I have never been to Europe but Mommy R bought a pass to our Niagara Falls recently and help us save money while enjoying our escapades.

  4. What is city passes? Never mind, hindi pa kasi ako nakapag-travel. I'll remember na lang this info kapag nasa Coliseum na ako.

  5. Ahhhh. kelan kaya me nakakapunta sa dream destination ko na PAris!!?? only in my dream/? yay.. anyway, true city passes can save tourists a lot..

  6. Sis, you are a world traveler! Kahit saang panig ng mundo na pala kayo nakakarating! How nice! <3

    I like taking advantage of city travel passes, too. They are worth buying especially when you go to a holiday with your family.

  7. Sis, your pretty pictures remind me of our trip there too.
    Same as you sis. We also consider getting passes when we're on tour. We did it in Paris and Rome. I think we saved a lot.

  8. the passes are convenient, and somehow helps you go around the places. its also offer good savings. thanks for the tip 🙂

  9. Plan it sis and let it happen. Paris happens to be in my bucket list. I wrote it there when I was only 5. It took years for me to fulfill that dream but I made it happen. We're looking forward to go back. Such a lovely place. Do take your family there 🙂

  10. Hahaha, kuya City Passes are those discounted cards or vouchers or even coupons you buy to have access to tours, museums, places of interests without burning a hole in your pocket. 🙂 Madaming ganyan sa Europe and US.

  11. Thanks sis. Di naman 🙂 We are just blessed that we are employed in one of the most prestigious airlines in the world here in Dubai. 🙂 We're using our travel perks to the max while we can and able. And we are truly thankful for the opportunity of a lifetime. 🙂 Madami pang pwedeng bisitahin… 😉

  12. wow, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of you and your family. Paris is one place I love to see…kelan kaya iyon? hehehe! 🙂 and thanks for these tip, will keep it in mind, if ever we can travel and go there! hehehe! 🙂

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