No Travel, All Work

I am one gal who cannot stay put for a long period of time in a certain place. That is why my family and I always go on vacations or out of town trips to feed that wanderlust in me.

Honestly, the last vacation I had was last April and it is already 4 months since the last one and I am feeling restless. I am already thinking of the next one, carefully planning the costs, itinerary and tours we will take. The only problem is, I revoked all my vacation leaves until the end of the year so I am baking them for next year, just in time for my daughter’s collegiate studies back in the Philippines. I am not one happy gal, I tell you!

Well, this no travel and all work setting is not working for me. I feel hapless. I need to go somewhere, anywhere, just not in this same town. I am begging hubby to consider a short vacation to Europe this end of November in time for the opening of the Christmas Markets there. I have yet to convince him but I hope he says yes. I don’t think I can travel there with only my daughter in tow. I like him to be around to share the happiness with. Let’s see.

For now, I am really antsy here. I have to go somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just here in UAE or somewhere near. It has to be soon or I’ll lose my marbles!

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