Your wedding is a monumental occasion that will be remembered for years to come. Although the ceremony is the most critical part of the event, the reception will be just as memorable. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll have more photos from the reception, especially if photography is not allowed at the church or other location you hold the ceremony. You’ll want the venue to look as nice and attractive as possible since there will be so many snapshots of guests, the wedding party, the cake, the activities and dances, and so on. For transforming plain Pittsburgh wedding venues from drab to fab, follow these tips.

Walls and Ceiling

If the interior surfaces of the venue look shabby or maybe the wallpaper is peeling, feel free to cover these spaces up. Drape long pieces of fabric across the ceiling and walls so you will feel transported to a more elegant venue. You can also create backdrops on walls for areas where you wish to take pictures or for where the bride and groom will sit. Create enlarged photos of the bride and groom and attach them to the walls for guests’ viewing pleasure. Add paper lanterns, twinkling lights, and other sources of illumination to light up dim settings. Go Harry Potter style and use fishing lines to hang electric candles and lanterns from the ceiling. Plants, flowers, and other foliage can make a room feel fresher when you place them in corners and along the walls. For example, consider stringing vines across the walls. Balloons also add to a festive look and can even look whimsical and romantic.


Line each table with cloth and runners that correspond with your wedding colors. Create centerpieces at each table. You may want to include a portrait of the bride and groom, flowers, or vases filled with rocks and flowers. Some will even add goldfish! Remember to layer as you set up tables. For instance, you may have one large centerpiece with smaller pieces surrounding it. There are tons of ways to dress up Pittsburgh wedding venues. Just be sure you use your own creativity and imagination when applying these tips.