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Shopping for the perfect swimwear is one of the hardest parts of planning your holiday. Read on for a few handy hints to make bikini shopping just that little bit easier.

If you want to hide your stomach:
  1. Belted one piece costumes do wonders for your silhouette
  2. Cami tops hide a belly and create a sleek overall effect
  3. Black lower blocks of colour on your swimsuit will naturally make your stomach look flatter
  4. Empire waist swimsuits again draw the attention up to the bust and face, away from your stomach area
If you are small on top:
  1. Fringes, frills and ruffled tops like those featured on bikinis from Newlook suit women with a    smaller bust and larger hips
  2. Triangle tops and side ties again create an illusion of a bigger bust
  3. Demi cut tops and padding help to shape and fill your top half to make you look more in proportion
  4. Horizontal stripes have the same effect, although be warned that these will make your bottom half look larger too – not so good if you are pear-shaped!
    If you would like to hide your behind:
    1. Bikini bottoms with rings at each side help to keep the briefs in place so they don’t rise up
    2. Boy shorts cover your posterior and create a more flattering shape
    3. Plunging necklines help to draw the attention away from your bottom half
    4. A darker bottom and lighter top combination will focus the eyes on your upper half
    5. Low rise cut briefs will cover your rear effectively so you at least won’t be worrying that it is on show
    If you are big busted:
    1. V-neck bikini tops or swimming costumes flatter your top half and create a gently rounded outline
    2. Thick strap halter neck tops on either bikinis or swimming costumes will help you to feel secure, so you can enjoy your time on the beach
    3. Under wiring again supports your bust and ensures you cut a nice, shapely figure in your bikini
    4. Cami tops with a supportive wired band do the same job, but offer a little more protection from the sun
    Other tips:
    • Sarongs are fantastic for covering up on the beach when you don’t feel like prancing around in your underwear any longer.
    • Having good posture makes you appear thinner and taller.
    • Getting a bit of a tan, or using fake tan, will have a similar slimming effect.
    • Take a back-up swimming costume on holiday, in case you lose your nerve and decide that you don’t want to wear a bikini.
    With these tips in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect bikini!  

    Armed with this advice, you should be able to find the perfect bikini or cossie for your holiday. Then all that remains is for you to sit back and relax as you chill out on the beach or by the pool. Bliss!

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