The long summer months are upon us and the weather gauge says it all. It is hot, humid and the days are longer this time.

I you live in places where it gets so hot and humid like here in the Middle East, the only respite you can think of is to fly to cooler areas where there is very minimal heat wave or lack thereof.

Here are some suggestions of summer go-to places to consider if you want to escape the heat:

*  If your budget can afford it, go to Europe where the weather is better and cooler. Northern Europe will have a cooler climate around July-August where the peak of summer heat is observed in the Middle East.

*  You don’t necessarily have to fly somewhere but you can drive to a nearby resort and spend the weekend there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the hot city life.

*  If you’re budget is so tight then head to the nearest mall and just while away your time while satisfying your window-shopping fancy and enjoy the free airconditioning unit. However, enjoy viewing exhibit or art show in art galleries and museums to satisfy your artistic side and penchant for history and culture.

*  Go to your relatives in the province where the fresh breeze blows on your face and enjoy nature at its best. You can also try camping, fishing, swimming in the lake and join other activities in the community.

There are more places to consider all over but these are just few suggestions for you to consider this summer. Where is your go-to place this summer? Please share!